Flopro Supergrip Hose Connector Starter Kit

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Along with a hose, the Flopro Supergrip Hose Connector Starter Kit gives you a great start to watering and with a firmer grip. The connectors are 20% longer vs standard in market for a firmer grip on the hose without any leaks. Furthermore, the connectors contain a stainless steel spring for smoother and quicker connection to spray guns, sprinklers and taps. The Perfect Fit Outdoor Tap Connector is guaranteed to fit any outdoor tap in UK. The nozzle will give you ease of use and a perfect waterflow with 3 settings to start your watering job. Made of premium ABS plastic for impact absorption and durability.

This set includes
Flopro Perfect Fit Outdoor Tap Connector. Fits taps with diameter of 1’’ (33.3mm), ¾’’ (26.5mm) and ½’’ (21mm)
Flopro Supergrip Hose Tap Connector
Flopro Supergrip Spray Gun Connector – waterstop
Adjustable Nozzle
Made from superior ABS plastics
UV resistant
Connectors and Nozzle 1/2? (12.5mm). Tap Adapter: 1? (25mm) with 3/4? (19mm) & 1/2? (12.5mm) inserts
100% compatible with all watering brands

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