Flopro Cascade Oscillating Sprinkler

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Our Flopro Cascade Oscillating Sprinkler is a high performance sled base sprinkler to lay flat on the ground. The rectangle shape of this sprinkler means it is ideal for watering rectangle shape lawns.

There are 18 jets which give a maximum area coverage of 1432. Perfect for watering lawns as well as established plants. The sprinkler allows a snap-fit therefore suitable for all watering brands. Additionally, it features adjustable water direction and range.

Sprinkler Features
Smooth regulation of water
Water usage for 2 bar – 12 litres per hour
Nozzle cleaning tool included
Made from premium grade plastic and aluminium
UV protected
Diameter: 11m x 13m
Water covers a maximum rectangular area surface of (11m x 13m) – 143m²
100% compatible with all watering brands

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