Algon Organic Path & Patio 2.5L Concentrate

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A compact size with each bottle covering an average of 60 square metres subject to the absorbency of the surface to be treated and can be applied with either a garden sprayer, soft broom, or paint brush. *A watering can may be used but is wasteful.

With Algon, simply apply and leave. A few days later, the surface will look cleaner without scrubbing or rinsing. It's non-toxic too, so it's safe for pets. Full instructions are on the bottle.

Application Techniques - Apply with either a garden sprayer on droplet setting, soft broom or paintbrush, wetting the surface evenly. A watering can may be used but can be wasteful.


• Can be used at any time of year

• Easy to apply, either with a garden sprayer 1 part Algon path cleaner to 3 parts water, or a soft broom or paint brush

• No need to rinse off

• Treatment can last up to a year depending location, absorbency, and weather conditions

• Algon organic path cleaner is non toxic and safe for pets and wildlife

• Can be used in water features, but care should be taken to keep run off to a minimum

• Algon Organic Path and Patio Cleaner has a shelf life of many years

• Algon will not affect any type of paint or stain

• Caution Algon will have a scorching effect on foliage - only where it makes contact. This will not harm the rest of the plant. Roots do not suffer from incidental run off during application.

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