Spring Onion Lilia

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A dual purpose Italian variety with a pungent flavour. Spring Onion Lilia is best grown as a salad onion with nice, dark green leaves and a shiny, intense red inner core.

Onion Lilia can also be grown as a maincrop, storing bulb onion. When fully mature it shows off its defined red and white inner rings.. Sow seeds March-August for salads, March-April as a bulb onion. Seeds are best sown thickly in broad drills for pulling as salad/ bunching onions. Sow 13mm (½in) deep, in drills 30cm (12in) apart. If sowing for mature bulbs, sow seed more thinly.. No need to thin seedlings for salads. If for bulbs, thin to 5cm (2in) for smaller bulbs or 1cm (4in) for larger bulbs.. Will grow in any fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Keep well watered.. Harvesting Period: June,July,August,September,October 500 seeds

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