Runner Bean Lady Di

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Superb long, slim, fleshy completely stringless 12 inch pods with a very slow seed development resulting in heavy crops of tender delicious dark green pods over a long season.. Prefers to be grown in fertile, moist yet well drained soil which has had plenty of well rotted compost dug into it the previous autumn. To ensure pods mature in cool weather in midsummer to mature in fall, sow seeds directly into the garden when there is no risk of frost 5cm (2in) deep, 2 seeds every 30cm (12in) in rows 38cm (15in) apart.. Remove weaker seedlings after germination. Make sure your soil is warm and avoid it becoming baked hard. Provide poles, trellis or mesh for them to climb. Water regularly and liquid feed every 14 days as the beans form. A thick mulch will help conserve. Pick the beans regularly a little on the young side to ensure top quality and prolonged cropping.. Harvesting Period: August,September 40 seeds

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