Pea Kelvedon Wonder

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Extremely popular and reliable variety for successional sowings throughout spring, and a particular favourite for June sowings, Pea Kelvedon Wonder produces huge crops of narrow pointed pods in pairs, averaging 7 or 8 succulent peas per pod. RHS AGM winner. Pea Kelvedon Wonder is resistant to Pea Wilt, tolerant to Downy Mildew.. Kelvedon Wonder is an early variety, height 45cm (18in). Peas prefer a deep rich, moist soil, which has had plenty of well rotted manure or compost dug in the previous autumn/winter. Commence sowing seeds in March once the ground is workable. Sowings can be made until July. In very cold or wet regions, cover early sowings with tall cloches. Rake in a balance of fertiliser at 2oz per sq.yd. before sowing and sow seeds thinly in drills 5cm (2in) deep, allowing 45-60cm (18-24in) between the rows.. Keep the rows weeded and once the plants are 8-1cm (3-4in) tall, provide twiggy sticks for support. Give water twice a week during flowering and pod development to ensure a prolonged and heavier crop. Commence picking when the pods have started to swel. Early and regular picking will also improve the cropping and flavour of the peas.. Harvesting Period: June,July,August,September 250 seeds

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