Cauliflower Winter Aalsmeer

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An improved 'Armado April' type. Cauliflower Winter Aalsmeer shows outstanding winter hardiness and produces well-protected, creamy white heads of good depth and weight. Matures gradually throughout April so extends the harvesting period. RHS AGM winner.. Sowing time: May to mid June. Sow seeds thinly in a well-prepared seedbed, 12mm (½in ) deep. Keep watered during dry weather.. Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle, about 5 weeks from sowing, allowing a minimum of 6cm (2ft) between plants in the row and 75cm (3in) between rows. Firm in well and keep watered until established. Net against pigeons and cabbage caterpillars.. Top dress with nitrogen feed during late February.. Harvesting Period: April 50 seeds

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