Broad Bean Masterpiece Green Longpod

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A very good flavoured broad bean, with good pod length and remarkable table qualities. It may well be the best green-seeded variety, excellent for deep freezing and growing well under all conditions. Height: 75-90cm (30-36in).. Sow February to April in an open sunny site preferably on ground which has been manured for a previous crop. Sow in double rows 5cm (2in) deep, 23cm (9in) apart in the row. The double rows should be spaced 23cm (9in) apart and a distance of 46-60cm (18-24in) should be left before the next set of double rows.. Hoe regularly and cut off the tops of the plants as soon as four clusters of bloom are showing.. Harvest the beans when the pods are well filled and the seeds still soft.. Harvesting Period: June,July,August 30 seeds

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