Asparagus Pea

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An easy to grow, unusual vegetable with a unique gourmet flavour. A hint of asparagus - perhaps? Asparagus Pea goes with virtually any dish. Cook whole at 3cm (1in) long, preferably by steaming, and serve with a little melted butter. No flavouring should be used as this will destroy its own delicious taste.

Asparagus Pea can also be used in the flower border as attractive ground cover.. Sow seeds under glass in pots in early spring or outdoors in late spring. Under glass sow seeds individually in 7.5cm (3in) pots in a good seed compost. Germination usually 7-14 days at 19-21C (65-70F).. Harden off and plant out 3cm (12in) apart when all risk of frost is gone. Sow outdoors 1cm (4in) apart in well raked soil in rows 3cm (12in) apart. A little twiggy support will help but is not essential. They prefer a good well drained garden soil and . Pick pods regularly while young and tender. Don't allow them to get more than 3cm (1 in) long. Their brick red pea-like flowers make them a very attractive pot-plant indoors in a well lit position, or border edgings outside.. Harvesting Period: July,August 35 seeds

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